If you are a true movie and TV shows enthusiast, then all you need is TeaTV

Movies are always considered as something to take your mind off a hard day’s work. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of technology, movie apps are becoming more and more popular and gradually replacing traditional TV channels. However, there are still many downsides of these apps that remain with the costly fees users have to pay monthly. This is where Tea TV comes to play.


  • App Name: TeaTV 
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Size: 16 MB
  • Update: August 25, 2022 
  • Supported Devices: Android phones, Smart TV, Roku, FireTV & Firestick

TeaTV is the most optimal solution for streaming movies online while providing a huge stock of high-quality movies for free. You can find any movie, show, or series from a wide range of genres on TeaTV. Contents on the app are updated daily, so you can find the latest titles that barely hit theater or streaming platforms. 

Moreover, with many unique features, this app is proven to be an all-in-one platform, once use TeaTV, you don’t need to download any other app to enhance your streaming time. 

Standout Features

1. High-quality contents

Find any movie or TV show at 1080p quality with better contrast and color which will ensure satisfy any taste. 

2. New contents every day

Movies and shows are updated every day, also include new movies that are on the theatre

3. Biggest movie library

No-limited movie library offers thousands of movies and shows from various sources and a wide range of genres. 

4. Offer Download Option

High-speed downloading process for offline experiment

5. Run smoothly

TeaTV team optimized the app really good that it can run on any device without lags or bugs. Users can have a truly fulfilling streaming time with TeaTV. 

Requirements for Installing

For mobile phone: Any Android device that has 4.4+ (smartphone or tablet) will be able to run Tea TV. Your device should also support 1080p content if you wish to stream Full HD movies/shows.

For Smart TV: Available for all devices

How To Install and Use TeaTV? 

Read this POST for full instruction!