6 Movies That Exposes The Dark Side of Social Networks

These movies will give you a multi-perspective of using social networks. 


Along with the dramatic growth of the internet is the born of social networks, where we interact with many modern and advanced technology as well as people around the world. This is also a place where we can entertain and express ourselves without any borders. However, this is such a double-edged sword. The virtual world is flashy but also contains countless threats. As the problem is alarming, filmmakers have rolled out many works to condemn potentially dangerous behaviors in the digital age.

Below, we rounded up some of the most prominent films about the downside of social networks. Read now and discover!

1. Unfriended (2015)

Plot: Six friends get the shock of their lives when they receive a message from their deceased friend while video chatting. While they think it is a prank, they are soon exposed to some unruly events.

2. Friend Request (2016)


Marina, a student, commits suicide after she is humiliated by Laura and her friends. Later, when Laura accepts a friend request on Facebook, her friends start dying one by one.

3. The Circle (2017)


Mae is ecstatic to be employed in the biggest tech company in the world. But after she gets involved in an experiment that could change the world, she realises its adverse consequences.

4. Searching (2018)


David Kim files a police complaint in order to find his missing daughter, Margot. However, a string of hidden truths unravels when he checks her laptop.

5. The Hater (2020)


When an ambitious young man begins working in the dark world of social media smear tactics, he discovers that his virtual games have very real consequences.

6. The Social Dilemma (2020)


Tech experts from Silicon Valley sound the alarm on the dangerous impact of social networking, which Big Tech use in an attempt to manipulate and influence.

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