The number of Anime fans is increasing, with Anime films growing rapidly in both quantity and quality. Watching them on websites is a very difficult and inconvenient thing. So, today I’m going to introduce you to some of the free Anime apps for Android hese are the best app nowadays.

What is the best app for watching anime on Android?

1, Anime TV

3 Best apps to watch Anime for Android 2018 | Free App APK (1)This is an application that uses the original language of Anime movies, great for those who are looking for the original version or want to learn new language. Do not worry about quality because now your favorite cartoon is available even in high definition. On the other hand, you cannot choose between the categories, but if you are an adult anime lover then the absence of this option will not become a significant disappointment for you. Remember that everything depends on the quality of the image itself – the application can not convert a movie into a better format if it is not like this from the beginning. You can use the option to watch cartoons with captions or to view the English version of it – it’s up to you. Besides, this application includes not only the Japanese and English versions, but also the Portuguese language, quite limited.

In this application, the main tone is made when its productivity and work so I do not expect some unusual settings or complicated menus. The design is quite simple. Anime TV is notable for its fast operation and downloadable tools and, more, streaming capabilities. No doubt this app is something that all Amine fans have been waiting for for years – the opportunity to watch Anime movies right on your smartphone’s screen.

2, TeaTV

3 Best apps to watch Anime for Android 2018 | Free App APK (2)Unlike Anime TV, TeaTV is an application for users around the world, it supports over 60 subtitle languages, multi-language voiceovers and thousands of Anime movies around the world. You can watch Anime for free whether you use any language or anywhere. TeaTV also allows you to download Anime movies for offline viewing with many quality features like HD, full HD, even 4K. All you have to do is choose the quality of the subtitle language (if you want), and you will be able to watch that anime movie whenever you want.

Another point that makes Teatv the best free animated application is the stability of the application. TeaTV never encountered a server error as it is a streaming movie application. You can watch any movie anywhere without turning on the error of transmission or busy server error. This may be a problem or an issue with other applications, but it has been completely fixed on TeaTV.

3, Anime Lib

3 Best apps to watch Anime for Android 2018 | Free App APK (3)With this app, you have access to tons and tons of cartoons of any genre. Download and get access to over 500 cartoons. Not all episodes are included in the free version, but still enough for you to watch it 24/7. To view all HOT Anime movies, you will need to pay a small fee. In addition, new anime is added every day. In the settings section, you will find many languages ​​- you can choose any language and see it.

In case if you are going on a trip or you know you will be in a place with no Internet connection, you can download episodes and do not miss a single thing from your favorite cartoon. For those who want a little more, there are different platforms for your smartphone. Do not forget to refresh your cartoons to see the latest updates and changes in the app. However, I do not appreciate the user interface of this app, the tracking of new Anime movies is quite difficult. Use the search box to enter the name of a cartoon you want to find and there is a big chance you will find it. It will require an important location in your phone’s memory, but millions of users have downloaded without any regret.

Here is a list of 3 best apps to watch anime for Android. Wish you will find the application like.